Was können Bibliotheken tun? (II)

McNicol, Sarah (2002) / Learning in libraries : lessons for staff. – In: New Library World 103 (2002) Nr. 1178/1179, S. 251-258

„Librarians need to engage in all types of learning situations; they may assist learners by providing an information service about educational opportunities; an advisory service to discuss learning goals; and a referral service to learning opportunities outside the library of inside the library to independent study materials, to give just a few examples.“ [252]

„More effective advocacy is clearly needed to combat the inferior status of librarians as key agents in the learning process. On a day-to-day basis, all staff working in any library environment must attempt to meet the learning needs of individual users. It is therefore vital that library staff are provided with opportunities to develop the appropriate knowledge and skills to assist learners in using their services, through both their initial education and continuing professional development. Factors motivating learning and barriers that prevent effective learning are frequently extremly complex and difficult to ascertain accuratley from the brief contact that often occurs between a librarian and a learner. However, an understanding of the basic ideas and principles used by both formal and informal educators may assist librarians to meet the learning needs of their users more effectively.“ [257]

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